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SACRIFICE BABY: Layout by das_porno_uke @ community.livejournal.com/kuribati
2nd-Dec-2010 11:29 am(no subject)
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey
I always forget to update my livejournal. There's really no point in it any more anyway, but I keep it so that I can still be a part of the communities I've joined here.

So if you want to get in touch with me, or just know that I am a real person, you can find me mainly at:

27th-Jul-2010 10:00 pm - I forgot to post about Gackt!
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

Livejournal keeps messing with my internet D:

I'd like to use that as my excuse, but that's not really why I didn't post anything about the live. That was just because I'm lazy. My apologies.

Cut to ramblings!Collapse )
On a side note, I'm in an incredibly bad mood right now because it's taken me about twenty years to post this -fumes-
29th-Jun-2010 09:06 pm - My hair is immune to peroxide.
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey
How is that possible?
I've just done a strand test and left the bleach on for the maximum time recommended (90 minutes because my hair is almost black at the moment) and it's done absolutely nothing to it. I think I can see where it's gone slightly dark ginger at the very ends of some strands but... it could have been like that before.
Ehhhhhh~ -.-
No brightbright hair for me then :|
12th-Jun-2010 09:21 pm - Merlin's Angry Face
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

Seriously, clickCollapse )LOL x'D
6th-Jun-2010 12:40 am - Help please! CHEAP art commissions!
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

[RAMBLE]Right... so I realised I'm running dangerously low on money. When I say dangerously, I mean I spent over half of what was currently in my bank account on a ticket for GACKT earlier. Which means I can just about pay for the place to stay in London the night of the gig... but I can't afford to actually get to London.


I was wondering if you could help me out?
Obviously I don't expect you to just throw some money at me.
I'll work for it (:

Art commission details under the cut~Collapse )


5th-Jun-2010 12:22 pm - Gackt ticket ORDERED!
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

I am so damn excited! I've ordered it and I don't even have permission fomr my mother to go. Well she keeps sighing everytime I mention it, so I decided to just go for it, since she's such a ditherer. Is that a word? I don't actually care right now to be honest.
I am going to see Gackt. In London. First European country he's coming to babyyyy!!! xD

In the awesome mood I am, I think I'll share riduculous pictures with you.

Cut for the uninterested~Collapse )

2nd-Jun-2010 07:26 pm - I have to laugh at myself xD
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

The littlest things give me such a triumphant feeling.

I tune my guitar, I'm like 'WOOO!'

Hahaha, what a geek.

SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

And to be frank, I don't really have anything to say.



Really, really, really, want to go so damn much!
It's going to cost a lot, travelling down to London all over again not very long after exist†trace.
I sooo need a job.
I think I'll revise my CV now and hand it in some places tomorrow.

Anyway. Yeah, that's really all I have for now. I can't be bother ranting about everything going on in my life and raving about all the amazing things happening.

Bye bye~ ^^

10th-May-2010 03:39 pm - It must be a drummer thing, ne?
SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

Hmmmm~ *plays with goatee*Collapse )

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