March 1st, 2010

SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey


Guess what I saw today~?

I mean finally, it's meant to be out this month, right? I was beginning to think its release would go unnoticed here.

I just got off the bus in town to go to college this morning and another bus stopped near me as I was heading for the traffic lights. I saw the poster at the corner of my eye and though 'OMG I'd know that F in that font anywhere! ^^'
/isageek and I was right! I got expecially hyper when I saw Lightning there looking all strong-female-lead. She does us girls proud ^^

On another note, we went on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park today. And it was crap. Rubbish, I tell you. I really dislike the place; it's always muddy (even my man-boots couldn't handle it well today) and it was cold, and I'm just not into that kind of art. Sorry Mr. Randall-Page.

But Raj still likes taking photos. So here's Sharni and me posing in the cold for you (: And duuude~ my hair's starting to look like a bob again. Need to chop one side huh.