March 6th, 2010

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Alice in Wonderland

Magical, I'm telling you.
I can honestly say it was the most wonderfully, fantastically beautiful film I've seen in my entire life. And I've seen a lotta films ^^

Go Tim <3

The trailer really doesn't do it justice. None of them do. You don't hear Johnny Depp's fabulous, if slightly mental, Scottish accent that occasionally comes to the surface. Or his dancing. You don't even catch a hint of the craziness he captures as the Hatter - he litterally made me want to cry and not just out of laughter. He shows another side to the madness of the character, and it's really quite upsetting and tragic.
Mia Wasikowska as Alice is just absolutely magical. I had my doubts about her, as you do, but I supposed those doubts were uncalled for. If she hadn't been the right person for the role, Tim Burton would never have settled for her.

You know what? I think I might stop rambling now. If I carry on writing a review I'll never stop ¬_¬
But honestly, there was nothing out of place in that film. And the 3D made it all the more stunning.

Anyway, in my last post I mentioned we'd be dressing up to celebrate the release of the movie.

 I was the Queen of Hearts ^^

And look! That's my new hair!
I cut into the fringe myself and finally glued in the hair extentions. 
I loveloveLOVE them~!!

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