March 18th, 2010

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OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! Cheapcheapcheap commissions ^^

Well basically I need to save up a bit of extra money for my trip to London to see exist†trace in May, and I wondered if any of you could help me out, in return for a nice piece of paper with my scribbles on it..? ^^

A4 realistic B&W sketches, £10. For example:
I'm also offering to do A5 realistic B&W sketches for £5.

Also, these little darlings, £5 each or £10 for a set of three. For example:

Kaze ga tada yasashiku nadeta.
Kaze dake ga yasashiku nareta.
Ima kimi o aishiteru yo.
Kuro to Shiro Rori

You choose the subject/reference picture, I'll draw you it ^^
And everything will be laminated in a nice shiney piece of laminate thingy.
Unfortuntely, I'll only be able to take commissions from people inside the UK, as I can only take cheques. Sorry~
Thanks for taking the time to look at this!