April 29th, 2010

SHINee >> Jonghyun >> Key >> Jongkey

5 little mini days!


And... I don't talk like that.


So everything is here, finally! The coach tickets, the tube tickets and of course the gig tickets, which I've had set on my desk right in front of me for weeks :') And my outfit. I had a really awesome one planned based on these really awesome leather, flared shorts I found in a vintage shop. But they've disappeared now so that failed. Had to rethink and entire outfit based on what I already own. Turned out to be not that hard! Maybe I'll treat you to lots of pictures from the gig and day out in London ^^

On another note, Michael, the friend I'm going to the show with, is letting me style his hair... ^^ Awesome, I know. I didn't think he'd let me haha. But yeah~

Also, does anyone know of any place I can get Visual Kei/gothic-punk boots for cheapsies at Camden market? The closest thing I own are Docs, and I've grown to despise them. I just don't like them anymore (she says, even though she still wears them -.-).