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5 little mini days!


And... I don't talk like that.


So everything is here, finally! The coach tickets, the tube tickets and of course the gig tickets, which I've had set on my desk right in front of me for weeks :') And my outfit. I had a really awesome one planned based on these really awesome leather, flared shorts I found in a vintage shop. But they've disappeared now so that failed. Had to rethink and entire outfit based on what I already own. Turned out to be not that hard! Maybe I'll treat you to lots of pictures from the gig and day out in London ^^

On another note, Michael, the friend I'm going to the show with, is letting me style his hair... ^^ Awesome, I know. I didn't think he'd let me haha. But yeah~

Also, does anyone know of any place I can get Visual Kei/gothic-punk boots for cheapsies at Camden market? The closest thing I own are Docs, and I've grown to despise them. I just don't like them anymore (she says, even though she still wears them -.-).

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7 days...

Okay, so only one week until I go down to London to see exist†trace live...

A very rude woman at the train station decided to tell us a completely different price from what another lady had told me a few weeks before, so we've decided to go by coach instead. The problem now? The National Express website keeps declining the transaction. I know it's nothing to do with my card, because after I'd tried booking the coach five times, I decided to try and purchase Travelcards for the tube. That worked fine, and they should be here this week (IhopeIhopeIhope). I've since tried again to buy the coach tickets, and it still declines. We've also tried using my mother's card and her friend also tried afterwards.

I've come to the conclusion it just doesn't want us to go to London -.-


We'll just walk to London then, shall we?

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(no subject)

I just can't be bothered with anything.
I feel a bit... a bit lifeless.
Not much is fun anymore. I feel like I can't be bothered to draw, and what am I even getting out of it? I barely have time to do what I want anymore anyway what with the amount of work I have to do for college.
Plus money seems to be avoiding me when I need it most. Brilliant. I know money isn't everything, but it helps you get places. And I don't want to stay here. It's so damn... boring! And repetitive. I know what to expect day to day, there's a routine and I hate routines! I want to travel the world, meet new people, try new foods and ways of life and experience something amazing everyday.
I don't think the people around me are helping. Everyone's getting old, or ill, or just dying and making everyone depressed and I don't want people to be depressed, because it's bloody depressing. I want to be happy. Always upbeat. And usually I can always be optimistic, but lately it's getting really hard to be that way.
I'm sorry if anyone actually read this, you don't want to hear all this crap. Or read all this crap. I know I don't.
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I'm so tempted...

Oh good grief. So tempted... so, so... ooh.

Does anyone want to buy my digital camera? It's really good and all, but I've seen a more awesome one. I really... mmm.

It's a bridge camera, the one I want. It's like, right in the middle of a compact point-and-shoot digicam and a digital SLR. Which would be so good for me. I can't stand wrinkling my eye up to capture a photograph with an SLR, and I'm not too knowledgable with lenses so I'd be terrible at looking after them. But this is like an SLR, in that the quality is just as good. But it's a compact. And it has a 15x optical zoooom!! *Faints*

If anyone's interested in buying my camera, it's a Kodak EasyShare Z1285. 12 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, shoots HD videos. Takes an SD memory card. Powered with 2x AA (Lithium, Ni-MH or ZR6) batteries. It'll come with the USB cable, a hand strap, a plastic base to stand the camera upright for self-timed shots, and I'll  even throw in a mini tripod I bought seperately. Box and user manual too, obvs.

Any takers?

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Oh goodness me.

I've actually made some progress tidying my room. And I don't just mean tidying. I mean completely cleaning it out, getting rid of loads of junk that was just taking up space.

That's all in the bin/in charity shops/etc. and yet I still seem to have more junk than normal people. Perhaps its the excess amount of books and art equipment I own. But hey, I don't go out and spend my money on alcohol at weekends, I just buy more geeky stuff like... well, like a geek. I am a geek.

Anyway, I have some before pictures of my room:

I'm not even going to attempt to justify it. Except to say that the hanging of the clothes on the wall is my mothers thing. The excess of coathangers was the first thing I started with:

So I left my mama a message on the oversized pile of unneeded coathangers.
Anyway, I've sorted most things out, moved some furniture around, so my room looks a lot bigger already.

It's actually changed even more since then. And since these:
That on the right is my new fashion wall. I tack up inpirational pictures and some of my own designs, some swatches of fabrics and beads/ribbon/lace. It's my little arts and crafts corner, which i'm actually sat in right now. I do a lot of digital art and research obviously, so it makes sense for my beloved computer to be in this corner too ^^

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Burst into a Blaze

I finally have it!
Actually... I've had it since last week, but my camera was dead :P

Aoi's plectrum from the GAZEROCK Summer Festival of 2008 ^^

Well the lettering has already started to peel and I haven't even done anything with it.
I don't think I've even touched the face of it o.O
I'll be sad when it all comes off, but at least it will still have it's unique shape.
I wonder if it's comfortable to play with... I'm not going to try it out though.

Anyway, I've decided I will wear this everyday for the rest of my life ^^

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OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! Cheapcheapcheap commissions ^^

Well basically I need to save up a bit of extra money for my trip to London to see exist†trace in May, and I wondered if any of you could help me out, in return for a nice piece of paper with my scribbles on it..? ^^

A4 realistic B&W sketches, £10. For example:
I'm also offering to do A5 realistic B&W sketches for £5.

Also, these little darlings, £5 each or £10 for a set of three. For example:

Kaze ga tada yasashiku nadeta.
Kaze dake ga yasashiku nareta.
Ima kimi o aishiteru yo.
Kuro to Shiro Rori

You choose the subject/reference picture, I'll draw you it ^^
And everything will be laminated in a nice shiney piece of laminate thingy.
Unfortuntely, I'll only be able to take commissions from people inside the UK, as I can only take cheques. Sorry~
Thanks for taking the time to look at this!
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Momiji Manju~

I've decided I must find a download of Aoi's completely random Momiji Manju moment ^^
It makes me smile when it randomly pops into my head, so I think I'm going to need it on my iPod.
(I know it only lasts about 10 seconds.)

Or... I could search for a download of the video... put it on my PSP!

Oh yes, I've been pretty ill for the last week, which is what I blame for not updating. Not that anyone cares, but I just thought I'd throw that in there. My camera is also void of batteries, and I'm not so fond of journal entries without imagery ^^

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Alice in Wonderland

Magical, I'm telling you.
I can honestly say it was the most wonderfully, fantastically beautiful film I've seen in my entire life. And I've seen a lotta films ^^

Go Tim <3

The trailer really doesn't do it justice. None of them do. You don't hear Johnny Depp's fabulous, if slightly mental, Scottish accent that occasionally comes to the surface. Or his dancing. You don't even catch a hint of the craziness he captures as the Hatter - he litterally made me want to cry and not just out of laughter. He shows another side to the madness of the character, and it's really quite upsetting and tragic.
Mia Wasikowska as Alice is just absolutely magical. I had my doubts about her, as you do, but I supposed those doubts were uncalled for. If she hadn't been the right person for the role, Tim Burton would never have settled for her.

You know what? I think I might stop rambling now. If I carry on writing a review I'll never stop ¬_¬
But honestly, there was nothing out of place in that film. And the 3D made it all the more stunning.

Anyway, in my last post I mentioned we'd be dressing up to celebrate the release of the movie.

 I was the Queen of Hearts ^^

And look! That's my new hair!
I cut into the fringe myself and finally glued in the hair extentions. 
I loveloveLOVE them~!!

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