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I'm doing my hair today!

Here's how it is now:


The last time I dyed it was on my birthday, December 30th. It was blue black, and now it's... brown o.O
It was meant to be permanent too. Grr~
But whatever, because my light roots are half way down my head too. (Okay okay, I'm exaggerating ¬_¬)

Anyway today I shall dye it black again and add my extensions - more permanently this time!

I'll post some picture's when I'm done later~!
Bai bai~!! ^w^


We're dressing up and everything, so I'll post some of those pictures later too!!

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Guess what I saw today~?

I mean finally, it's meant to be out this month, right? I was beginning to think its release would go unnoticed here.

I just got off the bus in town to go to college this morning and another bus stopped near me as I was heading for the traffic lights. I saw the poster at the corner of my eye and though 'OMG I'd know that F in that font anywhere! ^^'
/isageek and I was right! I got expecially hyper when I saw Lightning there looking all strong-female-lead. She does us girls proud ^^

On another note, we went on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park today. And it was crap. Rubbish, I tell you. I really dislike the place; it's always muddy (even my man-boots couldn't handle it well today) and it was cold, and I'm just not into that kind of art. Sorry Mr. Randall-Page.

But Raj still likes taking photos. So here's Sharni and me posing in the cold for you (: And duuude~ my hair's starting to look like a bob again. Need to chop one side huh.


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I made some icons!

Yup, you saw right. I don't want to keep using my own picture, it's crappit crap crap.
And I don't want to use other people's icons as my own, so I figured I'd make some.

At the moment I have some exist†trace ones from an old photoshoot, one of Aoi from the GazettE.
Because he's a sexy beast. Nom.


Omi's turned out looking a bit odd because she doesn't have enough hair on her right side ¬_¬ So it's too bright there.
And Miko just had to go and buck the trend and be right in the middle of the frame, didn't she? Pfft. She ruined the line up.

Oh yes.


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Oopsy Daisy~ ^^

I realised I almost started neglecting this 0__0
Bad times.

I have been ill though. Tonsilitis, blerrgh~!
Hate it. I had to miss college, had to miss graphics!!
I love graphics >.<

But I've been so caught up checking back everyday to see if exist†trace's London show has been confirmed yet. Apparently it has now, though I can't find where it says that. And nowhere's selling tickets yet.
So for now I'll contain my excitement.
But beware of when I find out it really is happening ^^

Ooooooooh I'm so happy~

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College times~

I don't mind college, I really don't.
I love it in fact.

Leeds College of Art.
The name tells you everything you need to know.

Apart from the fact that this studio is bloody freezing!
Ohh my~
I wouldn't mind doing my work somewhere a tad warmer.

But anway.

This is what we do in Contextual Studies.
Also known as your typical monday ^^

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Writer's Block: Money to burn

If you were given two weeks off with an unlimited supply of money that was only good for those two weeks (anything you purchased, invested, or saved would disappear when the two weeks were up), what would you do?

Visit Japan; take in the sights, try the food, meet the people. 
And if I had the time to spare, go to a few gigs and then visit some more places on my way home ^^

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Let's get started ^^


Umm, I wonder if anyone will actually see this?
Or bother to read it if they do... ¬_¬

Well anyway, I almost always end up on Livejournal for some reason or another, so I figured it was about time to join!

So I'm Jenny~ howdy!
I'm 17, quite English and I go to art college.
Basic info, you don't need anymore, not with all those interests on my profile o.O

Anyway, I hope my time here will be fun and I hope to meet some awesome people here!

If you actually read this, then cheers~! ^w^